Coating Prices:
Flat Rate return shipping: Rifle -$35  Pistol -$25
These prices are estimates only, and to be used for reference.  Contact us for exact pricing.
Additional Minimum Shop Charge $35.00 for disassembly/reassembly.
Complete Gun Includes: Slide, Frame, Pins and Controls. 

- Complete Handgun in One Color -$125

- Complete Handgun in TwoColors $150

- Complete Handgun in two colors and design on slide or frame $175 + stencil cost

- Slide Only in one color $80 (assembled) $60 Stripped

- Frame only in one color $80 (assembled) $65 stripped
 AR style platforms 
-  AR Lower Receiver Only One Color -$40.00 If Stripped or $55.00 If Assembled

- AR Upper Receiver Only One Color -$40.00 If Stripped or $55.00 If Assembled

-  AR Lower and Upper Receiver Stripped One Color -$70.00 

- AR Lower, Upper Receiver and Handguard (Stripped) Three Color Camouflage Plus Stencil -$175.00 

- Adjustable Stock (Magpul, etc.) One Color -$50.00 or Two Colors -$75.00(includes buffer tube) 

- Forearm and Hand guards One Color  -$45.00

- Grips and stock $65 or Two Colors $85 (includes buffer tube)

- Grips $35 

Shotguns and Semi-Auto Rifles
Complete Gun Includes: Upper/Lower Receivers, Hand-Guard,  Pins, Controls.
Stock and Grip NOT Included! 

- Complete Rifle or Shotgun One Color -$160

-  Complete Rifle or Shotgun Two Colors -$190.00

-  Three Color Camouflage Pattern -$275.00 

Bolt Action Rifles
 - Remington 700 and Similar Rifles One Color -$155.00

 - One Color with Adjustable Tactical Stock -$185.00

- Remington 700 and Similar Rifles Two Colors -$210.00

- Two Colors with Adjustable Tactical Stock -$240.00

- Bolt Action and Tactical Three to Five Color Patterns - contact for quote
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601 Mccreight st 
PO BOX 146
Johnston, SC 29832